Where Can You Buy Baby Pygmy Goats?

Where Can You Buy Baby Pygmy Goats?

GoatFinder.com is a popular website that offers baby pygmy goats for sale as of 2015. Other websites that feature baby pygmy goats for sale include BabyPygmyGoats.com, LazyCreekAcres.com and TexasPygmy.com.

Goat Finder is one of the largest websites to feature goats for sale. As of 2015, it offers listings for pygmy goats in more than 30 states, including Texas, Colorado and California. The site lists breeders by state and gives the breeders' names, physical addresses and email addresses, and it indicates whether or not they ship the goats.

BabyPygmyGoats.com is the website for Snow Creek Farms. Snow Creek offers pygmy goats in a variety of colors. At Snow Creek, the price of a goat is $400. The breeder requests a $100 non-refundable deposit. The company ships through American Airlines from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to anywhere in the United States for $350.

Lazy Creek Acres in Medford, Wisconsin offers baby pygmy goats for sale. Its pygmy goats are unregistered and cost $140 for does and $125 for breeding bucks and wethers. Discounts are given if three or more animals are purchased. The website also features pictures of the animals used to breed the babies.

TexasPygmy.com is a pygmy goat farm in the area of San Antonio. The website features photos of the animals sold at the farm.