Where Can I Find Butterfly Pictures?


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Butterfly pictures can be found easily on the Internet. A quick Google search using the word butterfly yields thousands of pictures of different butterfly species. National Geographic has a collection of various butterfly species in their specific habitat and environments. The National Geographic website also provides comprehensive information about these brightly colored and delightful insects.

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Butterflies have long been a favorite insect of study and a subject of many exhibitions. A butterfly enthusiast can visit live butterfly exhibits held in different parts of the United States. Taking pictures is often allowed under supervision, and some exhibits provide a pamphlet where those interested can search and observe the butterflies. The Natural History Museum in Los Angeles holds an annual butterfly showcase in its Butterfly Pavilion. The American Museum of Natural History in New York also opens a Butterfly Conservatory from October to June. Educators, as well as butterfly enthusiasts, are provided with a butterfly guide they can use to view different pictures of butterfly species. These pamphlets also allow detailed study of the insect's body parts and metamorphosis.

State libraries are also a great place to find butterfly pictures. The Smithsonian Institution Libraries has a wide collection of books and reference materials about butterflies and moths. Those interested can check out a local or state library to see if there are butterfly books and pictures in the collection.

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