How Can You Build a Squirrel Feeder?


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To build a squirrel feeder, use scrap wood to construct a raised platform with a dish to hold nuts and seeds. Precise instructions for building different squirrel feeders are available on BirdWatching-Bliss.com, RunnerDuck.com and Instructables.com.

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How Can You Build a Squirrel Feeder?
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Runner Duck Resources offers a building plan for a squirrel feeder that holds a cob of corn upright. For this feeder the builder requires 1 piece of wood at least 3/4 inch thick and 5 inches wide, 1 1/4-inch piece of wood at least 3 inches wide and 1 piece of 2-by-2-inch wood at least 1 1/2 inches long. The other required materials are 1 1/4-inch flathead screws, a 12 penny galvanized nail, wood glue and some brads.

Cut an 8-by-5-by-3/4-inch piece of wood for the base. Attach an angled support beam and a vertical back to allow the feeder to be mounted to an outside wall. Using this plan, users may construct a small table and chair to create a mock place setting for the squirrel; however, beginners may choose to omit these details. Create a countersunk hole in the bottom of the far end of the base. Drive the 12-inch nail upward through the hole. Mount the feeder on the outside of a building, and skewer a cob of corn on the nail to attract squirrels.

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