How Can You Build a Small Chicken Coop?


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Build a small chicken coop by determining your immediate and future needs based on the size of your flock, selecting a plan, gathering the materials and finishing construction. Once the coop is complete, inspect your work to ensure you are providing a weather-proof structure to protect the birds.

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How Can You Build a Small Chicken Coop?
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While a very small chicken coop is sufficient for one or two birds, if you plan to increase the size of the flock in the future, it is easier to build a coop to accommodate future needs. Chickens require approximately 5 square feet per bird.

There are many types of plans for chicken coops. Some repurpose existing structures such as dog houses and kennels, while others start from scratch. Tractor Supply Co. offers several sets of free plans for chicken coops. Unless you are able to reuse existing materials, you must purchase supplies such as nails, chicken wire and lumber for the project. Consult the plans to determine what you need.

Follow the directions for the plans you choose. Many chicken coops are elevated at least 3 feet from the ground to help protect chickens from predators. If your chickens run loose during the day, you should choose a coop that allows you to close the door at night after they roost to protect them from predators. When you complete construction, inspect your work. Look for any problem areas, and fix them before moving the chickens to the coop.

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