How Can I Build a Pet Gate?


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To build a pet gate, measure the doorway, cut four pieces of PVC pipe, join them with connectors, fill the frame with plastic mesh, and install tension rods. This two-hour project requires a measuring tape, PVC pipe, a hacksaw, pipe connectors, shears, plastic mesh, cable ties and tension rods.

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  1. Measure the doorway

    Measure the width of the doorway with a measuring tape.

  2. Cut the pipe

    Subtract 4 inches from the doorway measurement, and use a hacksaw to cut two pieces of 1-inch PVC pipe to that length. These are the top and bottom of the pet gate. Cut two additional pieces of pipe for the left and right sides of the gate. The length of these pieces determines the height of the gate. Make the gate tall enough to prevent your pet from jumping over it.

  3. Connect the pipes

    Lay the pipes on the ground, and join them with T-shaped pipe connectors. Remove the connectors, coat their interiors with PVC glue, and reconnect the pipes. Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  4. Fill the frame with plastic mesh

    Cut a rectangular piece of plastic mesh to fit the inside of the pet gate frame. Fasten it to the pipes with plastic ties.

  5. Install tension rods

    Thread tension rods through the top and bottom pipes.

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