Where Can You Find Boer Goats for Sale?


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Boer goats can be found for sale online at the websites for Able Acres and Bear Creek Boers. There is also a website called Goat Classifieds that lists animals from many different breeds of goat, including Boer goats, that are currently up for sale.

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As of 2015, Bear Creek lists full pedigrees and includes extensive numbers of pictures for its animals, while Able Acres has a greater number of animals for sale. Both sites divide their goats into sheep and does, to aid prospective buyers who are seeking to breed their animals. Bear Creek sells castrated males, or wethers, as well, but Able Acres does not.

Goat Classifieds, a website for general goat sales, occasionally has Boer goats on offer. The site is allied with the Boer & Meat Goat Information Center, a website that features automatic catalog generators to Boer sellers.

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