Where Can You Find Basset Hound Puppies for Sale?

can-basset-hound-puppies-sale Credit: Karen Ilagan/Moment Open/Getty Images

Basset hound puppies for sale are listed in the classifieds section of the American Kennel Club website and local breeders. Puppies and adults can be adopted from rescues. BassetHoundRescue.com provides a registry of breeders nationwide.

While reputable breeders can provide healthy purebred basset hound puppies, backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores are known for selling dogs that are raised in unhealthy conditions and may be carriers for various genetic diseases.

Basset hounds live up to 12 years, usually growing to slightly over 1 foot at the shoulder and weighing 50 to 65 pounds. They are originally a French breed, meant to hunt rabbits and small game and are known for their excellent scenting capabilities, second only to bloodhounds. They can become fixated on a scent and wander away if they are not restrained with a leash or fenced somewhere, and they need to have their obedience training reinforced. They are friendly with children and make good family pets.

Basset hounds usually have lazy and slow temperaments, and many are known for being stubborn and food-motivated. They are prone to overeating and obesity, especially if they are not active. They enjoy being with people and can become destructive and loud if bored or lonely and can be kept with other dogs or animals. Socialized, happy basset hounds are calm, gentle and relaxed, though they are also prone to drooling, flatulence and howling.