Can Baby Shampoo Be Used on a Dog?

can-baby-shampoo-used-dog Credit: michelle nicoloff/RooM/Getty Images

Baby shampoo can be used on a dog according to dog expert, Cesar Millan. Unless a shampoo used to treat and fleas is needed, baby shampoo is gentle enough to use on a dog. It is highly recommended to purchase tearless shampoo to keep your dog safe from injury and pain during its bath.

Dogs, especially puppies, have sensitive skin. Using shampoo that is meant for an adult human on a pet can be too abrasive and cause skin irritation. If the shampoo drips into the dog's eyes, it will harm the eyes and cause pain.

For breeds that have wrinkles, it is best to wipe the wrinkles clean with wet wipes to ensure that there is no dirt or build-up that can emit a smell. A tip to keeping a dog clean and smelling fresh if they stand low to the ground is to use a small amount of Vaseline. Rub a dime-sized amount of Vaselinei nto the belly of the dog to repel moisture. Keep in mind that the more the dog is groomed, the less often it needs bathing, which keeps excessive cleaning from irritating the skin.