How Can You Find an Aussiedoodle Breeder?

How Can You Find an Aussiedoodle Breeder?

Aussiedoodle breeders are found all across the United States. As of July 2015, it costs between $500 and $1650 to adopt an Aussiedoodle from a breeder, according to

An Aussiedoodle is a hybrid of an Australian shepherd and a poodle. The Aussiedoodle, like all poodle crossbreeds, has a non-shedding coat, making it ideal for people who suffer from allergies. The breed's coat is generally moderate in length and can be straight or slightly wavy.

Depending on the size of poodle used to create the hybrid, an Aussiedoodle can weigh in between 25 and 70 pounds. Both the Australian shepherd and poodle are considered highly intelligent breeds, making this hybrid very smart. The breed is very trainable, especially when training is began early; as early as 8 weeks old is ideal.

The Australian shepherd is a herding dog, which means it may try to herd to its family, particularly children. This is also true of the Aussiedoodle. Herding behaviors such as bumping or nipping at people should be discouraged so it does not turn into a problem.

The Aussiedoodle is susceptible to the common health problems of both the Australian shepherd and the poodle. Cross breeding may lower the risk but genetics are unpredictable. When going to a breeder, make sure they have screened the parents and grandparents for common health problems.