Where can you find audio of screech-owl sounds?


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Screech-owl sounds are available on National Audubon Society’s website, Audubon.org. Hover over Birds and select Birds of North America Field Guide. Scroll down and search for screech-owl. Scroll down to Songs and Calls for a list of sound files.

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Where can you find audio of screech-owl sounds?
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Three types of screech-owl live in North America, according to the National Audubon Society. A common sight east of the Rocky Mountains is the Eastern screech-owl. The Western screech-owl is widespread west of the Rocky Mountains. Limited to a small range of oak woodlands in the Sonoran Desert lives the Whiskered screech-owl. Despite their name, screech-owls do not screech. Their sounds are softer like trills and whinnies.

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