Where Can You Find Answers to Cure Fish Diseases Online?


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Individuals can find treatments for different fish diseases on FishNet.org, PetMD and Fish Lore. These sites also provide a variety of tools for identifying and learning about these conditions.

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FishNet.org provides a description of how aquatic pets look and act when they are suffering from fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections. While a fish infected by a fungus may dart erratically and present cotton-like tufts on the skin, a fish with a parasitic infection is often inactive and loses its appetite. The site features a chart that matches symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for illnesses ranging from columnaris to ulcers and gold dust disease. Fish owners also find a description of salt treatment, a common method used to boost the production of antibodies in the fish.

PetMD is a trusted medical resource for pet owners that lists possible fish diseases in alphabetical order. Topics range from specific infections such as carp pox to more general topics such as skin parasites and bacterial infections. Many topics on the site feature a seal of approval by veterinarians. Fish Lore provides a general overview of fish diseases and treatment options as well as a diagnostic chart with diseases, symptoms and treatment. Fish Lore's in-depth treatment explanations are especially helpful for hobbyists.

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