Can an Anaconda Kill a Crocodile?


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It is possible for a large anaconda to kill a small crocodile. According to the University of Michigan’s Department of Zoology, anacondas consume broad-snouted caiman. While they are not technically crocodiles and do not attain the size of most crocodiles, broad-snouted caimans are very similar to their larger cousins.

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Anacondas kill their prey with constriction, as they have no venom. In addition to caiman, anacondas hunt a variety of other large prey. The University of Michigan lists wattled jacanas, red-rumped agoutis, capybaras and red side-necked turtles as common prey species. Thanks to their cold-blooded metabolisms, anacondas do not have to eat very often. Sometimes they fast for months between meals. However, reproductive females consume high amounts of food to supply them with the energy they need to produce young.

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