Where Can You Find American Eagles?


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The American bald eagle can be found throughout the Pacific Northwest and throughout Alaska around bodies of water, such as marshes, reservoirs, lakes, coastlines or rivers. The bald eagle likes to spend most of its time around water and in areas with plenty of forestation.

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Where Can You Find American Eagles?

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People who want to see the bald eagle should go to any of the states or regions within the Pacific Northwest and visit the larger water environments there. The bald eagle is typically easy to spot when it is flying because the birds are so large, at approximately 6 to 8 pounds, and love to alternate between flying high and flying low. When the birds fly low, they tend to touch the treetops. The birds can also be found hunting for food or sitting in trees. The bald eagle has a diet that primarily consists of fish, but will also eat gulls, mammals and waterfowl found within its habitat.

The bald eagle has a distinctive color pattern that can make it easy to spot; however, when the bald eagle is young the color pattern is not there. Young bald eagles are a dark brown color all over. Adult bald eagles have white heads, dark brown bodies and yellow bills and legs. Most birds will grow all of their adult colored feathers once they are approximately 4 or 5 years old. The bald eagle is also a popular zoo choice and those people who are interested in seeing the bird can often see them there. In the zoo environment, the bald eagle can live as long as 48 years.

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