Where Can You Find Some Amazing Facts About Polar Bears?

There are some amazing facts about polar bears at the websites of Polar Bears International, Defenders of Wildlife and National Geographic. Some examples include the fact that polar bears are the world's largest land carnivores, that they are apex predators (that is, predators without predators) in their Arctic ecosystem and that they have black skin. This latter attribute is an adaptation for optimal heat-absorption.

An interesting fact about polar bears is that they have webbed feet, which, along with a layer of blubber for buoyancy, aid the species in swimming far from land — sometimes at a distance of hundreds of miles.

Caring for the young is the sole responsibility of female polar bears, which dig deep underground dens. Sometimes, mother polar bears are required to defend their young against their male counterparts, who have been known to cannibalize infant members of their own species, according to National Geographic.

Some "amazing facts" about polar bears are not actually true, as stated by Polar Bears International. These include the myth that they are sometimes eaten by orca whales. It is also untrue that polar bears use tools, which some have suggested based on observations of frustrated behavior, such as ice-throwing. There is also an enduring belief that polar bears are left-handed. However, there is no evidence to support this.