How Can the Age of a Budgie Be Identified?

Budgerigars have a few telltale signs to help determine their age, including barred feathers, changing iris rings, an excess of the melanin pigment and a clear cap. These features change depending on the age of the budgie.

From birth to just 5 months old, budgies have barred feathers across the top of their heads from the nose upwards. These last until the first molt at which point they are gradually replaced with yellow or white feathers. As young babies, iris rings cannot be seen on budgies. As the budgies start to grow, faint iris rings will begin to appear. Until budgies reach about 10 to 12 weeks of age, they have excess melanin causing their beaks to look dark or even black.

Aged 5 to 9 months old, the barred feathers have disappeared and iris rings are visible. Budgerigars reach adulthood at 1 year and will display a clear cap rather than barred feathering across the head.