Where Can You Adopt a Persian Cat or Kitten?


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Persian cats and kittens often can be adopted from municipal shelters or all-breed cat rescues. They can also be adopted from specialty Persian cat rescue organizations, although these may not be available in all areas.

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Where Can You Adopt a Persian Cat or Kitten?
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Persians are often surrendered to rescues because of their special health and grooming needs, which many people who impulsively buy a Persian kitten from a pet store or irresponsible breeder are not able to handle. As a result, they sometimes end up in the average city or county animal shelter. People interested in adopting Persian cats can search many of these shelters using websites, such as Petfinder.com, that allow local rescue organizations to post adoptable animals. Potential adopters can also inquire at local shelters directly, since some shelters do not use Petfinder.com. Even if they do, adoptable Persians are in high demand and may be adopted before the shelter manages to list them.

Finding a rescue organization that specializes in Persians or in purebred cats in general may require less patience. These organizations often work with municipal animal shelters to remove purebred cats before they become available for adoption to the public. These rescues often have more strict adoption policies and higher adoption fees, but they also provide more post-adoption support and have a wider selection of Persian cats. Rescue organizations are found by searching online for Persian cat rescues or by contacting the local Persian or purebred cat club.

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