How Can You Adopt Newborn Puppies for Free?

Newborn puppies can be adopted from local animal shelters or rescues, such as Citizens for Animal Protection, or from online adoption resources such as ASPCA. Reputable pet adoption resources often offer puppies for adoption for free, meaning they are not selling the animal for profit, but often there are fees and an application process for the potential pet owner.

In order to adopt a free puppy:

  1. Find a local or online reputable pet adoption agency
  2. Search for puppies for adoption from a local directory or by submitting an online search. Most nationwide agencies offer local listings of adoption agencies in desired areas.

  3. Research the adoption process before making a commitment
  4. Understand the adoption process and requirements for potential pet adoptions at the chosen agency. If there is an adoption fee, certain expectations such as having current vaccinations, microchipping and spaying or neutering should be included.

  5. Ask questions and be prepared
  6. Ask questions and interact with potential pets, recommends PetMD. A shelter can assist with educating adopters with choosing a pet that will fit the adopted family's needs. Most shelters do have a trial foster family program or return policy. Knowing the puppy's history, temperament and behavior can help make adopting a free puppy from a shelter a rewarding experience.