Where Can You Adopt a Monkey As a Pet?

Monkeys can be adopted as pets from various breeders and sanctuaries around the country, including Baby Capuchins and the Primate Rescue Center. Furthermore, local monkey-selling classified advertisements can be found using the Pets 4 You database.

Adopting a monkey as a pet can be tricky, both because they require a large amount of attention and care, and that it is not even legal to own monkeys in some states, suggests the Primate Rescue Organization. Before attempting to adopt a monkey, individuals should check with their state’s government department that handles animal matters to understand their state’s specific laws. If it is legal to own a monkey, they should then start checking with breeders or rescue centers and make sure that they understand the time commitment that comes with owning a monkey.

There are various breeders, such as Baby Capuchins, that sell smaller monkeys. While breeders are the easiest places to find baby monkeys, NAPSA certified rescue centers and monkey sellers, such as the Primate Rescue Center can also have monkeys that are up for adoption. These centers are similar to Humane Societies, but focus solely on primates. To search through local breeders in a specific area, go to the Pets 4 You website and click on “Monkey and Primate” in the “Exotic Pets” dropdown menu.