Can You Adopt Micro Teacup Puppies?

can-adopt-micro-teacup-puppies Credit: Steven Okabe/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Teacup puppies can be adopted, but would-be owners should be aware that unusually small dogs may have additional health problems. These problems are often caused by the breeding practices used to produce these tiny animals.

"Teacup" and "micro" are marketing labels usually used to describe dogs expected to weigh 5 pounds or less at maturity. They aren't recognized as separate breeds or breed varieties. They often have fragile bones and are vulnerable to hypoglycemia, heart disorders, liver disorders and dental problems. Unscrupulous breeders may select breeding stock solely on the basis of size without screening for genetic disorders or poor conformation. Some breeders may attempt to pass off runts, puppies who are malnourished or born prematurely, as "teacup" dogs.