Where Can You Adopt Free Coonhounds?

Where Can You Adopt Free Coonhounds?

Find free coonhounds for adoption by visiting online classified sites, such as Craiglist.com or kennel club classified forums, or by calling local breeders and veterinary clinics to ask if they know of available dogs. Visit pet stores and feed supply stores to check their bulletin boards for ads placing free coonhounds.

There are several coonhound breeds, including the Blue Tick Coonhound, the Red Bone Coonhound, the Plotthound, and the Treeing Walker Coonhound. Active dogs with demanding exercise needs, coonhounds are frequently rehomed by people who weren't prepared for the commitment of owning a hunting breed. Many times, they are offered for free.

Craigslist.com offers pet placement ads in their Community section. In addition to that and other online classified, such as local newspaper websites and eBay classifieds, check the classified forums at kennel club websites. The United Kennel Club has a classified forum for coonhounds at UKCDogs.com. Coondawgs.com also featured a listing of free and orphaned dogs.

SimplePetCare.com lists dogs available for free, and they warn to beware of scams. Always speak with someone on the phone, and look to adopt dogs within short driving distance in case the dog isn't as represented.

Word-of-mouth is a useful tool when searching for a free coonhound. Ask local breeders, hunters and veterinary clinic staff to tell you if they hear of free dogs in need of homes.