How Can I Adopt a Cat or Dog?

can-adopt-cat-dog Credit: thenakedsnail/Moment/Getty Images

You adopt a dog or cat through your local ASPCA, animal shelter or rescue organization. Each organization has its own guidelines, but most organizations have the same general requirements. You need identification, an application and a donation to adopt a cat or dog.

  1. Gather your paperwork

    Gather your driver's license or state identification card, a second form of identification and your checkbook.

  2. Visit the shelter

    Visit the shelter to find the right cat or dog for your family. Spend some time visiting with the animals you consider adopting to ensure the perfect match.

  3. Fill out an application

    Fill out an adoption application. Be prepared to provide personal and veterinarian references. You can download and complete an application in advance for some organizations.

  4. Participate in a home visit

    Take part in a home visit. When you choose to adopt from a rescue organization, a member of the organization visits your home to ensure that it is safe for the pet you want to adopt. Any issues with your home or yard are pointed out to you during the visit.

  5. Adopt your pet

    Follow through with the entire application process, and make your adoption donation. Bring your new cat or dog home.