How Can You Adopt Brittany Spaniel Puppies?


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To adopt a Brittany Spaniel puppy, potential owners can look for puppies from breeders on the American Kennel Club website, visit rescues such as the American Brittany Rescue or the National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network, or visit sites such as Petfinder. Petfinder lists adoptable dogs of all breeds.

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The National Brittany Spaniel Rescue and Adoption Network helps connect owners with Brittany Spaniel puppies and dogs throughout the United States. The alliance is dedicated to taking Brittany Spaniels that have been surrendered, lost, abandoned or left at shelters. These dogs are lovingly cared for and rehabilitated so that they can be placed into welcoming homes. Until the dog is able to be placed into a home, the dog is placed into a volunteer home.

If these rescues do not have puppies available, the prospective owner should look at Petfinder. This site offers prospective dog owners a chance to search by breed and by location. Many animal shelters post photos of their dogs to the site and may have Brittany Spaniel puppies from time to time.

The Brittany Spaniel is a great dog for people who want an intelligent and energetic dog. This dog does not make a good apartment pet because of its high energy needs, reports Dogtime. The breed does, however, make an excellent pet for people who are looking for a medium-sized dog with lots of energy. The breed is also known for its friendly, happy nature, which fits naturally into homes with other pets and with children.

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