Where Can You Go to Adopt a Baby Pig?


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Baby pigs can be adopted relatively easily from shelters and sanctuaries. Examples of these locations include Pigs4Ever.com and PigPlacementNetwork.org, as well as more broad searches such as PetFinders.com.

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Almost all websites, shelters and sanctuaries that have baby pigs available for adoption require an application be submitted by the interested party. If approved, a subsequent site visit to determine if the applicant's domicile is adequate for a pig's needs must often be conducted.

Websites such as PetFinders.com allow users to search for any type of animal. Those seeking specific animal types, breeds, locations or other parameters are able to filter results to fit their desired criteria. Most places offering adoption of baby pigs also offer adolescent and adult pigs. Lists of pigs available for adoption provide each pig's age making it easy for prospective pig parents to find the right animal for them. Adoption fees are standard at any reputable adoption agency.

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