How Do You Calm a Scared Kitty?


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To calm a scared kitty, you need to make it feel safe in its environment. This involves playing with the cat and establishing a reassuring routine.

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How Do You Calm a Scared Kitty?
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  1. Play with your cat

    Physical activity is incredibly important for a cat. It is probably the number one way to reduce stress in a cat. Therefore, playing with your cat for at least 10 to 15 minutes twice a day can help to calm it. Cats love to chase toys, and some even like to fetch like dogs do. Don't forget catnip; many cat toys contain catnip.

  2. Make your home interesting

    Cats can get bored easily, and they are generally very curious animals. Therefore, you can put a cat at ease by making your home environment interesting to it and keeping its mind occupied. Providing scratching posts and hiding food are some ways to entertain cats.

  3. Make your home feel like a safe haven

    Cats need a place to hide, so if your pet is showing signs of fear, make sure it has a safe place to go. Hiding places like cardboard boxes, closets or a special spot under the bed can make a cat feel at ease. Keep in mind that some cats prefer high resting places; this way they can keep an eye on things. Cat trees or a comfortable cat bed in a windowsill are possible retreats for these cats.

  4. Maintain a routine

    Cats do well when there is a routine in place. Knowing they can count on predictable events helps them feel less scared, especially if they are in a new home. Perform activities like feeding and playing at the same time and place each day to build your cat's trust.

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