How Do You Calm Down a Hyper Dog?


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To calm a hyper dog, channel the energy with a nose-based game. Have the dog expend energy chasing treats side to side and eventually using his nose to find hidden treats.

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  1. Channel the hyperactivity

    Toss a small treat to your left and tell your dog, "Find it!" Toss a small treat to the right, and repeat the command. Do this roughly six times to expend some of the dog's energy.

  2. Train the dog to go for the treat

    Command your dog to sit. While a partner is holding the dog's leash, walk 10 to 15 feet away. Place the treat on the ground. Walk back to the dog's side, and give the command "find it" after your partner releases the leash. Do this another six times.

  3. Hide the treat

    Have the dog sit with a partner holding the leash. In plain sight of the dog, hide a few treats in easy places, such as next to a chair leg. Walk back to the dog, and give the command to find the treat. Repeat this several times.

  4. Use harder hiding places

    While the dog is watching as before, hide the small treats in harder-to-find spots. Release the dog, and give the "find it" command. Help the dog if necessary. Repeat this procedure until it appears your dog can find the treats by smell.

  5. Make finding the treats harder

    Place the dog in another room. Hide the treats in difficult spots, such as under surfaces or in open-top containers. Bring the dog back into the room, and give the "find it" command. Use this procedure any time your dog his hyperactive.

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