Who Do You Call for Wild Animal Removal?


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The licensed wild animal removal organizations and businesses will be different from state to state, but include American Animal Control, Wildlife Abatement and Pest X Animal and Pest Control. Each state provides a list of authorized and licensed wild animal and pest removal companies or individuals who are allowed to remove these creatures in each county.

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The involvement of each state's fish and wildlife department will depend on the situation. If an animal like a raccoon or squirrel is involved, the department will normally direct callers to its list of authorized pest and wild animal removals. If it is an animal that has lost its mother or is injured, the related fish and wildlife department will likely have a different procedure to handle the situation. Any situation where the animal is dangerous or threatening may require the animal to be trapped and moved.

In the situation that an animal needs to be relocated, it is best to check with the local wildlife department for the state. It may have a specific process for removing the animal and specific people who handle it. In some cases, hunting permits can and will be issued to remove the problem in the case of an animal that dangerous. Do not attempt to kill, trap or remove an animal without contacting the fish and wildlife department for the state. Doing so could result in fines and revoking of license and gun permits in some states.

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