What Do You Call a Mix Between a Pit Bull and a Mastiff?


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A pit bull and mastiff mixed breed dog is called an American bandogge mastiff by most canine registries. The breed is also referrred to as the American mastibull in other circles. Historical references of pit bull and mastiff crossbreeds go back to the 1500s.

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According to the history of Bandogges, pit bull and mastiff mixed breed dogs were originally crossed together to create a guard dog that would protect the owner and his or her property. The Saxon’s in old England coined the term bandog from the word banda, which means "chain" in Saxon. Bandogges were chained by day and released at night so that they could protect the owner and his property.

Today, bandogge is the general term used for the cross between pit bulls and mastiffs. The term is not used for crosses between pit bull terriers and bullmastiffs by most canine registries. That particular crossbreed is called a pit bullmastiff.

The American bandogge mastiff is a recognized breed by the United Canine Association and the Oreba Registry Kennel Clubs. Both the American bandogge mastiff and the mastibull are recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry. The World Wide Working Mollosser and Bulldog Organization recognize both pit bull and mastiff and pit bull and bullmastiff crosses as Bandogge.

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