What Do You Call Boxer and Pit Bull Breed Mix Dogs?


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The American Canine Kennel club refers to boxer and pit bull breed mix dogs as bullboxer Pits. It is also called American bullboxer by the Designer Breed registry, Bullboxer by the International Designer Canine Registry and American bull boxer by the Designer Dogs Kennel Club.

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It should be noted that not all bullboxer pits have a 50-50 mix of pure boxer and pit bull bloodlines. Breeders of this mix may have multi-generation cross breeds along the bloodlines and this is usually done to conform and structure the dog's temperament. Regardless of the percentages of the bloodlines from both breeds, a dog is considered as a bullboxer pit as long as there ore no other breed bloodlines in the mix.

The boxer is a large and high-energy dog. Although some boxers tend to be naughty, they are generally sweet and are good with children. They adapt well in a home environment and they make good apartment pets as well because they rarely bark.

The pit bull on the other hand is yet another strong, high-energy dog do require special care and needs to be socialized early while they are still young. They still have the instinct to fight with other dogs, which is why early training is also important.

When the two breeds are mixed, bullboxer pits make good watchdogs and may also be easygoing. If socialized early, it will go along well with other family pets. It may not be as friendly to unfamiliar dogs and smaller animals because of its prey drive. Bullboxers should be provided with a lot of exercise to provide an outlet for their energetic nature.

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