What Do You Call the Black Snakes in Florida?

What Do You Call the Black Snakes in Florida?

Species of black or mostly black snakes in Florida include the black swampsnake, the southern ring-necked snake, the eastern mudsnake, the eastern indigo snake and the southern black racer. All of these species are nonvenomous.

The black swampsnake is easily identified by its glossy black scales and bright orange belly. It lives only in and around wetlands.

The southern ring-necked snake is also easy to identify as it has a band of orange or yellow just behind its head. It is usually found under a rock or log in a moist upland area.

Eastern mudsnakes have glossy black scales with black and pink bellies and are found in coastal areas and river basins.

Eastern indigo snakes also have glossy scales but are blue-black all over, except for chin and throat patches that range from cream or orange to deep maroon. They are larger than any of the other species and live in upland areas but feed in wetlands.

Southern black racers are long and slender and are black to dark gray all over except for paler chin and throat patches. They live in a wide variety of habitats.