What Do You Call a Baby Monkey?


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A baby monkey, like a human baby, is called an infant. Newborn monkeys can be classified as either Old World or New World, depending on their location. Old World monkeys are those born in Africa and Asia. Monkeys in South America, Mexico and Central America are New World monkeys.

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When a baby monkey is are born, it participates in the birth process by pulling itself out of its mother's body. A newborn monkey’s color may be different from its parents'. Adult brown langur monkeys, for example, give birth to orange infants. The color of the infant changes to match the color of its parents 6 months after birth.

Newborn monkeys cling to their mothers when traveling. Some species, such as marmosets and tamarins, are carried on their fathers' backs. When not in transit, infants spend most of their time playing, which helps them develop physical and social skills.

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