How Do You Buy Poultry Chicks?


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Begin your purchase by checking out hatcheries or poultry farms as close to your location as possible. Buying from a local source has an advantage because you can see the farm's condition and possibly the parents, which indicates what your chicks may look like when they're grown. If a local source doesn't have the breed you want, there are hatcheries that sell and ship day-old chicks. Ideally, choose one that is close to your location.

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Murray McMurray, Ideal, My Pet Chicken and Meyer Hatchery are examples of the many hatcheries that ship live baby chicks. Begin by going to their websites to see their breeds, shipping information and other restrictions. Most hatcheries only ship out chicks by express delivery and do not ship if it is known that the upcoming weather conditions are hazardous. If your chicks are being shipped over a long distance, you may opt for heat packs and grow gel for food.

Be prepared to pick up your chicks at your local post office distribution center -- usually early in the morning -- as chicks are rarely shipped directly to any location. The post office may call you when your chicks arrive. If the hatchery is local, they may allow you to pick up your chicks directly. Have everything ready for your chicks, including heat lamps, bedding, and a secure pen or container, before the chicks arrive.

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