How Do You Buy a Mynah Bird in West Virginia?


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In West Virginia, buy a mynah from a domestic breeder with good references from former customers. Birds can be shipped from out-of-state if necessary. As of 2015, there are no laws in West Virginia that regulate the possession of mynah birds.

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Mynah birds are medium-sized black birds classified as passerines, or perching birds. They are closely related to starlings. Two species of mynah birds are commonly kept as pets: the greater Indian hill mynah and the java hill mynah.

The greater Indian hill mynah and the java hill mynah are both native to South Asia. These birds are 9 to 12 inches long with solid black iridescent feathers and yellow wattles. Of the two species, java hill mynahs tend to be larger, with louder, more boisterous voices, although size and volume vary among individual birds.

In the past, mynah birds were captured in the wild and imported. The Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Floral and Fauna regulates this practice, and in 1997, both species of hill mynah were placed on CITES Appendix II, outlawing the export of the birds from their native countries. Therefore, all pet mynah birds must be obtained from domestic breeders. As of 2015, illegal import still exists and must be avoided. Look for the presence of a closed identification band on a bird's leg to verify that it was domestically bred.

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