How Do You Butcher a Rabbit?

How Do You Butcher a Rabbit?

To butcher a rabbit, use a sharp knife to remove the hind legs, pelvis, backbone and forelegs. Less than an hour is required to butcher a rabbit. You need a cutting board, kitchen sears and a sharp knife.

  1. Remove the hind legs

    Place the rabbit on its back, and cut through the breast bone with kitchen shears. Turn the rabbit on its side, and cut directly above the back leg joint and through the remaining tissue to separate the hind legs on each side.

  2. Remove the pelvis

    Locate the pelvis, and cut through the area directly below the backbone. Use your hand to twist the pelvis until the pelvis separates.

  3. Separate the rib cage from the breasts

    Use a sharp knife, and cut from the top of the rib cage downward alongside the breast to remove the upper section of rib bones. Use the knife to separate each of the lower ribs from the breast individually.

  4. Remove the backbone

    With the head of the rabbit at the top of the cutting board, use the knife to cut through the tenderloin to expose the backbone. Turn the rabbit with its head toward you, and slice under the backbone, starting from the rear, to cut the backbone away from the meat. Cut through the foreleg joints on either side of the rabbit breast to release the forelegs.