How Do You Bury a Dog?


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To bury a dog, first clean up and position the body while wearing latex gloves, then wrap the body in a sheet or towel. Dig a hole 3 feet deep with a sharp shovel. Place the body in the hole, and cover with dirt, tamping down firmly.

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  1. Prepare the body

    Wear latex gloves when dealing with the remains. If bodily fluids were released upon death, clean those areas with damp paper towels. Position the body on its side with the legs curled up in a peaceful pose as soon as possible after death, before rigor mortis occurs. Wrap the body in a towel, sheet or blanket. Place it in a cool location.

  2. Dig the hole

    Select an out-of-the-way location on your own property. Dig a hole at least 3 feet deep, deeper for large dogs, with a sharp shovel. A pickaxe is helpful if the area has a lot of roots.

  3. Place the dog in the hole

    Place the dog's body in the hole while the body is still wrapped in the blanket. If desired, take a moment to say goodbye to the dog.

  4. Refill the hole

    Cover the body with the dirt that was removed to make the hole. Tamp the dirt down firmly with the back of the shovel when the hole is full.

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