What Is a Burdizzo and How Do You Use It?


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A burdizzo is an instrument that is used for the bloodless castration of farm animals, such as calves and sheep. To use a burdizzo, place the spermatic cords of the animal between the jaws of the device one at a time and squeeze the jaws together.

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When using a burdizzo, stand behind the animal being castrated and take hold of its scrotum. Check to make sure that both of the testes have descended. If they have, push the left spermatic cord to the outside of the scrotum so that it can be accessed easily. Open the device so that the C-shaped side of the jaw is facing upward. Position the device so that the spermatic cord is between the jaws and as close to the right-hand side of the jaws as possible to crush as little of the scrotum as possible. Close the jaws of the burdizzo around the spermatic cord, and hold the device closed for five seconds. Repeat the procedure on the right spermatic cord as well, below the first crush point.

The spermatic cord is the tube that leads from the animal's testes to its penis and surrounding vessels. Crushing the cord cuts off the blood supply to the testes, resulting in testicular necrosis. The testes then shrink, soften and completely deteriorate.

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