What Are Some Facts About Bumblebees?


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Bumblebees play a very important role in the environment. They collect nectar and make honey. There are over 300 species of bumblebees and they can found in every corner of the world, except the Arctic regions.

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Bumblebees are social insects and live in colonies with hundreds of other bees, each with a specific job. A queen bee lays all of the eggs in the colony and never leaves the nest. The male drone bees fertilize the queen and the worker bees gather food and perform all of the necessary functions to keep the hive running.

Bumblebees gather pollen from flowers by a process called buzz pollination in which the bumblebee vibrates its flight muscles and wraps its body around the flower. The vibrating and buzzing noise generated from the bumblebee shakes the flower, making it lose its pollen. Bumblebees also use their wings to cool their nest. They hover above the nest and vibrate their wings to circulate the air and keep the nest cool in warm summer months. Bumblebees hibernate underground during winter months and are sensitive to the cold. In fact, they cannot become airborne until their bodies are warmed up, which takes work since they are naturally cool-bodied. Bumblebees do not have ears.

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