How Do You Find a Bullmastiff Dog Rescue?


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Bullmastiff dog rescues can be found through the American Bullmastiff Association, national and local bullmastiff rescue organizations, and rescue database websites such as Petfinder and RescueMe. Most rescue organizations have websites where available rescues are posted.

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National organizations include the American Bullmastiff Association and Friends of Rescued Mastiffs. Other bullmastiff rescue organizations cover regions in the United States. Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Western Pennsylvania. Southern States Mastiff Rescue covers Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Midwest Mastiff Rescue covers Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota and Indiana. Great Plains Mastiff Rescue covers Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and parts of Colorado. Some organizations cover a single state, such as Mastiff Rescue Oregon. Rescue database websites such as Petfinder offer directories of animal shelters and rescue organizations, as well as databases that can be searched by breed, gender, age and location. Rescue organization websites often have a page of other rescue organizations.

Most of the rescue organizations have an online application process. A phone interview and a home visit are usually required to ensure that the household can handle a large breed dog's needs. The adoption fee ranges from $350 to $450 for adults, $350 to $550 for puppies and $125 to $300 for senior dogs.

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