What Do Bullfrogs Eat?


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Bullfrogs eat insects, minnows, worms, crayfish, snakes, baby birds, other frogs, small turtles and even small mammals. Bullfrogs eat anything that they can overpower and fit into their mouths.

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Bullfrogs eat a lot, hunting both vertebrates and invertebrates. Bullfrogs have teeth on the roofs of their mouths and long, muscular tongues that they use to catch and flip their prey into their mouths. Bullfrogs lunge at their prey with their mouths open, encircling the victim with their tongue and biting down as they draw their mouths toward it. If the prey is too large to fit into the bullfrog's mouth, it bites down as much as it can to keep the prey from escaping, and it uses its hands to slowly shove the prey inside as it feasts.

Being strategic, bullfrogs are known to dive into the waters with their warm-blooded mammalian prey in their mouths, causing the prey to drown. This saves the energy the bullfrog would have exerted on a struggling prey that was not deprived of oxygen on shore. Bullfrogs generally do their hunting and eating at night. They inhabit calm, permanent bodies of water, such as ponds, lakes and swamps, and they are very territorial. Bullfrogs are the largest of all frogs in North America.

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