What Do Bulldogs Eat?

Bulldogs eat any kind of dog food so long as it is soybean free. Neutered dogs should be put on low-fat diets to prevent weight gain. Picky eaters can be encouraged to eat by adding yogurt, cottage cheese or oil to their kibble.

Bulldogs can also eat occasional bites of vegetables, meat, crackers, fruit and other human snacks. However, they should never be fed anything that contains soybeans, chocolate or onions.

Puppies eat three to four times per day. As adults, their feedings get reduced to twice per day, transitioning to adult dog food and feeding schedules when they are between one and two years old. Puppies and adolescent dogs may require vitamin supplements or a spoonful of cottage cheese added to their meals because of how rapidly they grow in a short period of time. Oil helps their coats stay healthy, while yogurt aids their digestion. However, owners should not overfeed them — especially neutered or older bulldogs that can be lazy and inactive.

While bulldogs are growing, they can generally be permitted to eat as much as they want, but owners should pay attention to signs of weight gain and obesity. Overweight puppies may need a stricter diet, but in general, bulldogs should never be put on severe calorie restriction without the guidance of a vet.