What Is a Bulldog Muzzle?


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A Bulldog muzzle is the extremely flat snout characterized by a deep and broad stop just below the eyes. Unlike most dog breeds that have long- or medium-sized snouts, the Bulldog has a flat muzzle and is considered to be a brachycephalic breed, which is a short-nosed, flat-faced dog.

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What Is a Bulldog Muzzle?
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Bulldogs have short breathing passages and are prone to breathing problems. This is the reason why the breed snores loudly while sleeping. Bulldogs are sensitive to extreme heat and cold, and allowing them to rest in an area that is not properly ventilated can increased their snoring or breathing problems. Obesity can also contribute to the dog's inherent respiratory and joint problems. Take the dog out to exercise, and house him in a comfortable environment to prevent and control the dog's health issues.

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