Where Do Bull Sharks Live?


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Bull sharks live in coastal waters throughout the world, and they are even sometimes found inland in large rivers. Bull sharks are unique because they can live in fresh water for a long time, unlike many other sharks. They are solitary creatures, and they are usually only seen together during mating season.

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A fully grown male bull shark can be as long as 7 feet, while females can grow up to 11 feet or even longer. Bull sharks will eat just about anything they can get a hold of, including turtles, birds, fish, other sharks and marine mammals. Many bull sharks die each year because of the commercial demand for their skin, fins and liver oil.

Bull sharks are considered to be a medium in size and typically weight between 200 and 500 pounds. They are identified by their white bellies, gray tops and dark-tipped fins.

Because they prefer to and often live in shallow coastal waters, experts label them as the most dangerous shark in the world. Living in coastal waters also makes them more vulnerable to habitat degradation and pollution. Bull sharks are not a threatened species, but the National Wildlife Federation notes that their numbers have been declining in recent years.

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