What Are Some Facts About Bull Sharks?


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The bull shark is one of the few shark species that live both in salt water and freshwater. These sharks can travel far up rivers, swimming as far as 2.220 miles up the Amazon River in Peru and over 1.800 miles up the Mississippi River to Illinois. At sea, they prefer living in shallow waters near the coast.

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What Are Some Facts About Bull Sharks?
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The average length of males is 7.3 feet, although they can reach 11.5 feet. Females are slightly larger, with an average length of 7.8 feet. While males live almost 14 years on average, females live up to 28 years. They are gray on the top and off-white underneath, and they have two dorsal fins.

Bull sharks are not very fast swimmers, but they are strong and very robust-bodied. They circle and bump their prey to disorient it before repeatedly biting it. Bony fish, small sharks, stingrays and turtles make up the usual diet of bull sharks.

This species of shark is one of the most dangerous for humans. The bull shark is very aggressive and extremely territorial, and this is one of the main causes of attacks to humans. As of 2015, the World Conservation Union has listed the bull shark as near threatened.

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