How Do You Build a Worm Farm?

How Do You Build a Worm Farm?

Build a worm farm by outfitting an opaque, vented storage container with shredded newspaper, a few handfuls of soil, crushed egg shells, and fruit and vegetable scraps. Add the worms, cover the container and add more scraps as the worms consume the original food.

  1. Prepare the storage container

    Select an opaque wood or plastic storage container that is a convenient size for the space available. If an opaque container is unavailable, cover the sides of a clear container with paper to block out the light. Drill small holes in the top of the lid to provide oxygen for the worms.

  2. Shred the newspaper

    Shred enough newspaper to cover the bottom of the container. Choose black and white print pages, and lightly moisten the newspaper with water.

  3. Add the bedding

    Place the newspaper in the bottom of the container. Add a few handfuls of soil and a few crushed eggshells.

  4. Add the worms and food

    Add the worms to the container. Choose red worms instead of night crawlers or earthworms for the best results. Add fruit and vegetable scraps to the container.

  5. Place the container in a dark space

    Close the container, and move it to a dark, quiet location such as a closet or cabinet.

  6. Feed on a regular basis

    To sustain the worm farm, add fresh food as the old food is consumed.