How Do You Build a Wood Duck Box?


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To construct a wood duck box, cut a 10x10 inch floor panel, four 24x12 inch panels, and a 15x12 inch roof panel. Cut a 4x3 inch circle on the front panel and attach the panels, except the roof, to form a box. Hinge the roof panel to the box.

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To ensure that wood ducks utilize the wood duck box, construct the box out of unplaned cypress or cedar boards and avoid painting or staining the box. To keep the box from flooding, drill drainage holes into the floor panel and consider making the back panel longer so that the roof slants downward. Attach a duckling ladder made of wire mesh or hardware cloth from the circular cut to the inside of the box for the ducklings to leave the box. Because wood ducks do bring their own nesting materials, place 4-6 inches of untreated wood shavings into the bottom of the box.

To ensure that predators do not enter the box, bolt the back of the wood duck box to a post or a pole. To create additional protection from predators, attach a conical or flat guard below the box, extending out 18 inches. Ensure that the guard is flush against the post to discourage snakes from squeezing in between the post and the guard.

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