How Do You Build a Turtle Basking Platform?

How Do You Build a Turtle Basking Platform?

To build your own turtle-basking platform for a turtle tank, you should follow some guidelines to make sure the turtles like it and can easily access it and that it is sturdy enough to support their weight. Avoid building rock platforms that need a big base below that will take up a lot of swimming space. An alternative is an elegant and easy-to-build tile or slate platform supported by a PVC pipe platform. You will need PVC pipe and fittings, squares of tile or slate and aquarium-safe silicone.

  1. Design the platform

    PVC pipe will allow you to design almost any kind of base of a suitable size for your tank. The tile or slate platform should be layered and raised in steps from the swimming area to the basking area. Choose a color for your tile, and for added texture and to play with the shape of the platform, the tiles can be broken into pieces.

  2. Build the base

    Fill the PVC pipes with water before joining them together to make sure they don't float. Put the base in place with the top part fully submerged and ideally at one end of the tank.

  3. Build the platform

    Following your design, build the tile or slate platform using aquarium-safe silicone to affix the pieces together. Let the silicone dry and adjust into place on the base. Handle the tiles carefully, as they can easily damage the glass of the tank.