How Do You Build a Rabbit Cage?


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To build a rabbit cage, cut six panels from a roll of wire mesh, clip them together, attach a drop tray, cut a doorway in the front panel, and attach the door. This two-hour project requires a roll of 18-inch wire mesh, a sheet of wire floor mesh, wire cutters, a drop tray and hinge covers.

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  1. Cut the wire mesh

    Cut six panels from the roll of wire mesh. Four of the panels must be 36 inches long, and two must be 18 inches long.

  2. Cut the floor mesh

    Cut a piece of floor mesh that measures 18 inches by 36 inches.

  3. Assemble the back and sides of the cage

    Lay a 36-inch mesh panel on a flat surface, and attach one 18-inch panel to each of the short sides. Fasten the panels together with clips. Set the cage upright, with the open front section facing you.

  4. Attach the floor

    Clip the floor mesh to the sides and back of the cage, leaving 4 inches between it and the work surface.

  5. Attach the front, bottom and top of the cage

    Close the front of the cage by clipping a 36-inch panel between the open side pieces. Then attach another panel to the top of the cage, and another to the bottom.

  6. Make space for the drop tray

    Set the cage upright, and use the wire cutters to remove the lower 4 inches from the front panel. Slide the drop tray into the cage through this opening.

  7. Cut the door opening

    Use the wire cutters to remove a square or rectangular portion of the front panel. The dimensions of this door opening depend on your preference and the size of the rabbit you intend to keep in the cage. Cover the cut wire edges with plastic cage trim.

  8. Attach the door piece

    Cut a door from the leftover mesh. Make it slightly larger than the opening, and attach it to the front of the cage with clips.

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