How Do You Build a Quail House?

How Do You Build a Quail House?

A quail house can be built with a wooden or PVC frame and chicken wire or hardware cloth. Determine the size, the location and the materials needed for the quail house. There are many styles, materials and plans for different quail houses, including prefabricated and simple DIY houses.

In order to build a quail house:

  1. Gather the materials needed
  2. Wooden 4x4 and 2x4 posts, chicken wire or hardware cloth and concrete footings are needed for the project.

  3. Select the location
  4. Choose the location where the quail house is to be constructed. Make certain the area can accommodate a 6-foot by 18-foot area that is about 6 feet tall. Measurements can be adjusted to fit the desired needs and location. The area ideally should be level ground.

  5. Build the frame
  6. To support the 4x4 outer posts, dig holes and install cement footings every 4 feet of the frame's perimeter. The footings should be 1x1 and level with the ground. Install the 4x4 outer frame and reinforce horizontal 2x4 posts. Cover the frame with hardware cloth or chicken wire leaving an opening for a door or window. Bury the chicken wire along the perimeter to ensure safety from predators getting into the cage.