How Do You Build Your Pit Bull's Muscles?


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Building muscles is an important part of your pit bull’s overall health. Always exercise caution and provide your pit bull with plenty of water and rest time. When exercising outdoors, always make sure the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Exercising 30 minutes a day is a good way to start building your pit bull’s muscles.

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How Do You Build Your Pit Bull's Muscles?
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  1. Walk your pit bull

    Start off by walking at a pace and distance that is comfortable for you and your pit bull. Walk your pit bull everyday gradually increasing distance and speed. Always walk your pit bull on a leash and never tie the leash to your waist.

  2. Swim with your pit bull

    Take your pit bull to a freshwater lake. Next, put a life jacket on your pit bull and clip a 20 yard long leash to the life jacket. Start out on the edge of the lake and slowly walk out into the water. Gradually extend the leash out as you get deeper into the water. Go out as deep as you can comfortably stand and your dog can swim.

  3. Play fetch with your pit bull

    Start off in a large fenced-in area where it's safe for your pit bull to run. Next, throw a tennis ball, stick or dog toy, and wait for your pit bull to return it to you. After the dog returns it, throw it again. Repeat this several times until your pit bull is too tired to continue.

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