How Do You Build Pigeon Sheds?

Build pigeon sheds, more commonly called “coops” or “lofts,” with rough-sawn siding, chipboard, galvanized nails and eight-foot lengths of 2”x 4”, 2”x 2” and 2” x 1” wood. Other parts required include shingles, hinges, latches and wire screen, according to Scott Universal Pigeon House plans for sale at

Build pigeon coops with ample space for each bird. Cramped birds may attack each other. Build lofts away from wires, overhangs and other landing distractions. Smooth wood flooring is preferred to protect bird feet. Concrete floors and screened floors are other options for pigeon sheds. Concrete floors are the easiest to clean, and screened floors offer the best ventilation.

Ted's Woodworking offers a number of free plans for building pigeon sheds at Plans include racing pigeon lofts, homing pigeon coops and coops for breeding pigeons. Some plans can be built for $100, and some plans can be made from recycled materials. Ted's Woodworking also offers instructional bird loft building videos.

Pigeon coops protect birds from inclement weather and predators. Many pigeon fanciers provide multiple coops for keeping birds. Multiple pens allow separate living spaces for unmated male and female birds and for brooding pairs of pigeons. Mated pairs breed better when kept separate from single birds.