How Do You Build a Pigeon Loft?

A pigeon loft is built with plywood, concrete or wood flooring and a roof with ventilation and should be south-facing or facing toward the nicest weather direction. The size of the loft should provide ample space for the desired number of pigeons to move and nest within the loft. Cramped conditions can perpetuate illness and make unhappy birds.

In order to build a pigeon loft:

  1. Plan the loft design, location and specifics
  2. A pigeon loft should be dry, safe, well ventilated, well-lit and clean. To ensure the bird's safety and assist with keeping the loft as clean as possible, build it 1 to 2 feet from the ground and high enough for a person to enter to clean it. Include a sloping roof or a peaked roof that extends well past the walls to keep rain out of the loft. Plan the location of the loft to preferably be on high ground facing south or east. The loft can also be built on concrete blocks or on wheels for future relocation. Consult specific loft plans which can be obtained online or draw up plans with specific measurements.

  3. Build the loft
  4. Using the loft plans, measurements and chosen materials, build the loft. Perches and individual compartments keep the birds separate while windows, landing boards and door flap keep them safe while providing light and exits.